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    Alpine Travel’s commitment is to provide you with unparalleled professionalism and value in travel through our highly trained staff and their extensive knowledge of all aspects of travel. Their high level of expertise has been gained through many of our consultants having worked in travel for many years and from the in-depth personal knowledge obtained through the extensive travel many of our consultants have undertaken.
    Why Alpine Travel Service is the best for all your travel arrangements


    Alpine Travel Service is one of the longest established retail travel agencies in Nepal, with the first Alpine Travel agency having been opened in Nov 1978.

    Travel Experience

    The substantial volume of travel generated through Alpine Travel Service, provides us with the ability to negotiate the most competitive price for you, whether it’s for airfares, coach travel, holiday packages, car rentals, hotel accommodation, or any large or small item that is so important in making your travel experience, even more enjoyable. It ensures you are getting the best value for the money you spend on your travel arrangements.

    As all our travel agencies/associates are managed by the person who owns the agency, it means they have a personal interest in providing quality customer service and making sure your travel experience is both enjoyable and rewarding. All our offices are designed to give you the opportunity to discuss in comfort all aspects of your travel arrangements with our consultants, whether it is a substantial overseas holiday or just a short bus or rail journey. Take the opportunity to speak to any one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants.

    Alpine, the environment and responsible tourism

    As tourism becomes a truly global industry, we recognize our obligation to operate our tours in a responsible and sustainable fashion. We view this not only as an environmental issue but an economic and social one as well. Above all we are committed to the well-being of the communities that are our hosts and the natural environment that we are there to experience. We also believe that by following these policies we can provide a more rewarding and interesting experience to our clients.

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