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    Here is a land of incredible diversity and seeming contradictions. A small, land-locked realm that encompasses eight of the ten highest mountains of the world and plunges to the flaming heat of the Gangetic Plains, Nepal is inhabited by a remarkable variety of people and cultures. Neatly tucked between giant India and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, Nepal is strategically located in the heart of South Central Asia.

    Nepal’s centuries of isolation as a forbidden Kingdom have left their mark in the aura of mystery that still hangs like a mist over this realm of cloud-capped peaks. Modern Nepal has entered the age of the global village, and the trappings of economic development are increasingly evident. Nepal is many worlds in one country and offers something for every visitor, from daredevil adventurers to families with young children.

    From the world’s deepest gorge “Kali Gandaki” to the highest point on the earth, Mt. Everest, the country has been blessed with the most outstanding biodiversity in the world. Within the boundaries lies one of the most diverse topographies and varied plants and animal life to be found in the world. This is but to be expected in a country where the land rises from barely 67 meters above sea level all the way to the top of the world, at the summit of Mount Everest at 8848 meters in a distance of 100 kilometers or so. Within this area that makes up Nepal, lie innumerable places of breathtaking scenic beauty and an abundant variety of life.

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