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    Defining Nepal on the basis of culture, history or bio-diversity is simply incomplete until you define the country as Himalayan Republic, or the Hub of the Himalaya. A landlocked country, Nepal is a natural continental border, a transitional domain. The Himalaya, “Abode of Snow”, marks the northern bounds of the Indian subcontinent, whilst Nepal’s territory edges beyond this almighty range to reach into the Tibetan plateau and central Asia. This is the meeting point of great historical migrations and their civilizations.

    The Himalayas offer an interminable mixed bag of landscapes, societies and awesome individuals. This unbounded difference makes it a destination you would like to visit again and again. It even gets to be additionally fascinating and intriguing with each time you return.

    The high Himalaya is not one unbroken chains of mountains. It only lends a semblance of being a continuous line. The entire range is a series of mountain clusters which have been divided by rivers flowing through them.

    Home of the almighty, ever standing Everest, and other higher peaks such as Kanchengzonga and Annapurna, Nepal is a paradise you must visit, as you will experience the most iconic panorama that you will wish to feel once you view from any part of this country. This is what, we believe, have made Nepal a major trekking destination in the world with trekking in Everest and the Annapurna circuit being most famous trekking routes for visitors. Chasing the trails to the Kanchengzonga Base camp is more challenging than the other routes in the country and is recommended for dare devils.


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