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    Gorkha, a scenic hill town offers surrounding view of snow topped mountains. Arranged on a little hillock at a altitude of around 1000 m with extraordinary historical, Gorkha opens various ways to natural paradise and lies at a separation of 6 hours’ average commute from Kathmandu. It is an asylum for history lovers and a city that molded the entire country and legends of the courageous “Gurkhas”. Home to the original Gorkha soldiers; the vision to unify Nepal into one kingdom was born here. It is from this place that King Prithvi Narayan Shah commenced his campaign to unify all the other smaller kingdoms culminating as the modern day Nepal. Gorkha is located west to Kathmandu in a midway between Kathmandu and Pokhara

    It is also the ancestral home of the Shah dynasty and houses the beautiful Gorkha Durbar, a fort, palace and temple complex,and stands historically as the previous castle of the Shahs, which looks over Gorkha from an elevated edge. There are additionally notable temple specked around the old piece of Gorkha. The palace is located at hillock at about 1000 meters high and offers the most panoramic view of surrounding mountains and valleys. Viewed by numerous as the delegated magnificence of Newari structural planning, Gorkha Durbar is a stronghold, castle and sanctuary all in one. This glorious development roosts high above Gorkha on a blade edge, with heavenly perspectives over the Trisuli Valley and wonderful scenes of the taking off crests of the Annapurna, Manaslu and Ganesh Himalaya.

    The legendary Manasalu trek starts from here; the trek travels north from Gorkha, along the Budhi Gandaki stream, the course then transforms westwards into a high elevated valley. It offers inevitable mountains, passes, profound crevasses, villages, gamps, chortens, and so forth. With its special loftiness and grand excellence, Manaslu trek takes one to stupendous views, lavish valley and chill-giving Himalayan scenaries.

    Gorkha is rich in biodiversity too because of its differing biological system spreading from 228 m to 8163 m height from the ocean level. The verdure differences found from the Tropical Sal Forest to Alpine glades are the fascination of Gorkha District. Pine woods, Rhododendron woodland and Coniferous backwoods keep the range evergreen and bright as the year progressed.

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