• Hotline: 01-4225020 , 4241425

    Currency Exchange Rate:
    US$ 1 = Rs. 98
    Pound Sterling 1 = Rs 144
    Euro 1 = Rs 104
    Visa fees :
    Visa Facility Duration Fee
    Multiple entry 15 days US$ 25 or equivalent convertible currency
    Multiple entry 30 days US$ 40 or equivalent convertible currency
    Multiple entry 90 days US$ 100 or equivalent convertible currency
    • A travel insurance which covers medical treatment is recommended.
    • Special vaccinations are not required but immunizing against tropical disease is recommended.
    • It is recommended to have a medical check up before departure.Please read up on altitude sickness (AMS), diarrhea, Giardia, Dysentry, Cholera, Hepatitis, Rabies, Typhoid, Tetanus, Meningitis, Diptheria, Malaria and HIV/ AIDS. Information and little precautions can often save lives.
    •  We do dot recommend walking bare feet on damp mud and grass in unknown areas.
    Entry Points:
    Via Air
    Tribhuvan International Airport
    Via Surface
    Kakarbhitta, Birgunj, Sunauli, Nepalgunj, Jamuna, Dhangadi, Mohana, Mahendranagar, Ghaduchowki from India and Kodari from Tibet
    International Airport:
    Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu (KTM)
    Nepali is the official language, English is understood widely in the travel circuit of the Kathmandu Valley & other major cities.
    Working Hours
    0930 – 1730 hrs.Sunday through Friday.
    Banking Hours
    0900 to 1500 hrs local time
    Recently some banks have begun to offer extended services and remain open even during public holidays.
    Currency Regulation
    Import of Indian currency by foreigners is strictly prohibited. Any other currency in cash can be brought in unlimited quantity provided it is declared upon arrival. All visitors (except Indians) will be handed a form on which his/her monetary transaction during his/her stay in Nepal will be recorded. Same should be handed over at the airport at the time of departure. Generally all unspent balance of Nepalese rupees can be converted (at Airport) into US Dollar on production of Encashment Certificates obtained earlier.
    All baggage must be identified and cleared through customs inspection at the port of entry. Personal effects are allowed in duty free. Dutiable goods such as Camera with 12 plates or 5 rolls of films, one bottle of distilled liquor, 200 cigarettes, one tent and camping equipment are allowed in free of duty. Others valuable equipment such as video cameras and cine cameras should be declared and will be endorsed on the passport.
    Warm clothing are recommended from November to February and tropical wear from March till October.
    In Kathmandu, boiled and filtered water as well as purified bottled water is available in most hotels and restaurants along with major tourist areas. On remote area trekking, it is advisable to use water sterilization tablets.
    220 Volts 50 Hz.
    Weights and Measures
    Nepal has adopted the metric system. Temperature is measured in Centigrade. Weights are measured in Kilograms.
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