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    Driving up from the Bengal plains into the verdant hills, one enters an altogether different world. Brilliant red rhododendrons, charming white magnolias, and majestic pine trees welcome you to the “Queen of Hills.” Providing the perfect picture of a hill resort with its pleasant climate, it was during the 1800s when Darjeeling was gifted to the

    British officers “out of friendship.” EvidentIy, the colonial relics still linger through the stone cathedrals, cottages and educational institutions they set up.

    Darjeeling toy train is another striking remnant that offers the most romantic rail ride. Showcasing the Snow Mountains, rolling hills, rushing waterfalls, and waves of tea gardens, the view is truly intoxicating. It is the tea bushes whose smell has filled the air as tea lovers from around the world crave for a sip of “Darjeeling Tea.”

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