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    Despite small in geographical territory, culturally Nepal is rich and unique. It is so diverse that it differs from one corner to another. A mixture of Tibeto-Burman, Indo-Aryan and aboriginals, Nepalese cultural diversity has influences in arts and crafts, music, language, literature, philosophy, religions, festivals, foods and drinks, and folktales among others. It is a culture which is remarkably open and welcoming of visitors, based on the old adage “Atithi Deva Bhava” or “Guests are God”. Traditions of hospitality are sometimes a source of prides but more often  the product of an unthinking warmth and generosity.

    There is little in Nepalese life that the visitor cannot hope to encounter and even take part in. Whether with Tharus of the Terai plains, Newar of the Kathmandu Valley, Magars and Gurungs of the western hills, Tamangs of the central upland, the eastern Rais and Limbus or the Sherpas of Solu Khumbu, travellers in Nepal all  leave with vivid memories of the various people whose society they are drawn into. People you meet while admiring the magnificent artistic and cultural heritage of the Kathmandu valley; while taking a break from your elephant ride through the jungle in a village of thatched wattle and daub huts; while trekking along narrow paths through the dramatically majestic Himalaya; or while camping on a sandy beach during a rafting trip down one of the rushing, plunging mountain rivers.

    Nepal is many worlds within one country and it offers something for every visitor, from daredevil adventurers to families with young children.

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