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    The oldest in the valley with inception dating back to the 4th century, Changu Narayan, one of the four Narayan temples, is located magnificently on the top of a spur rising on the eastern outskirts of the Valley. It is 22 kilometers from Kathmandu and four kilometers due north to Bhaktapur.

    Inherent the two-layered pagoda style, the principle shrines here is monitored on all sides via sets of legendary brutes – lions, elephants and ram-horned griffons – and its top struts emphasize some amazingly perplexing carvings of Tantric divinities. The statue inside shows Vishnu as Narayan, the maker of all life, yet the flawlessly beautified metal-plate entryways are opened for customs and just Hindus may en

    The temple exhibits fine craftsmanship in wood and stone carvings. Its brick paved premises also displays a stone inscription dated 424 AD thus bringing archeologists and historians curious to inquisitive to investigate and uncover the antiquated temples puzzles. A world heritage site, Changu Narayan is a historical establishment surrounded by the evergreen robust forest all around it and is surrounded with typical traditional Nepalese settlements on its close suburb, intriguing devout worshippers and scholarly researchers alike. Being one of Nepal’s wealthiest structures historically and creatively, the temple stands on a high plinth of stone, and is adorned by some of the best specimens of stones, woods and metal crafts in the valley. The temple is of extraordinary significance due to its idols and shrines having rich cultural and architectural beauty.

    Aside from the fundamental temple there are different sanctums committed to Shiva, Chinna Masta (Kali), Ganesh and Krishna found in the yard. A pilgrimage to the temple of Chinna Masta, thought to be the mother goddess worshipped at the site in ancient times, is held here every year in the Nepali month of Baisaakh (April-May).

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