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    Ever since the British William Tillman became the first westerner to receive permission to walk around the Nepal Himalaya in 1949, Nepal has seen thousands follow in his footsteps trying to capture the spirit of adventure and awe. Although trekking, in earnest, began only in the mid-sixties, tales of early travelers, like Tillman, attracted the most people to Nepal. And as these latter-day visitors have discovered, those pioneering adventurer did have a keen sense for the (wonderful) beauty found in this unusual country. Trekking in Nepal is not simply business of walking from one stop to another heading towards a final destination. It is more a gradual experiencing of Nepal’s diversity in terms of geography, peoples, religions, and cultures.

    All popular treks do inevitably lead to the Himalaya, but the extent to which one exerts oneself is completely variable. A trek can be a short one-day hike to a mountain-top pr a ridge to get spectacular views of the mountains, it can be a three or four day excursion further north for a closer look at the Himalayan giants, or it can be a month long walk up and down mountain valleys in the shadow of the mighty peaks. The most famous of the treks in Nepal are concentrated in the Everest, the Annapurna and the Langtang regions.

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