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  • Bio-diversity

    Nepal’s richness in bio-diversity is on the account of the country’s geographical position as well as variations in altitude and climate. Various types of land and water ecosystems are found according to the geographical regions.

    There are, in all, 6500 species of plant life, which include hundreds of exotic orchids, rhododendrons and the beautiful Himalayan blue poppy. Over 900 species of birds sighted have been sighted – that is one-tenth of all birds found in the world. The elusive snow leopard up in the high Himalaya and the ferocious three-tonne rhino of the Terai region are among the more than 180 species of mammals that inhabit the wider side of the country.

    Wildlife tour is another fascinating option for the traveler. Nepal is a biodiversity hotspot area with eco-regions comprehensively containing the hilly eco-region, the savanna and meadows eco-region of the terai (foothills), and the Rara Lake eco-region, which has numerous endemic species.

    National parks in Mountainous area are usually covered while trekking in that area. Sagarmatha National Park, for example, is a wildlife conservation area and also comprises of Sagarmatha, the Nepalese name of Everest. This exceptional park with seven other mountains other than the Everest, glaciers, deep valleys, and other astounding landscapes have been identified as a major bird area and is home to rare species such as red pandas and snow leopard. Other National parks and conservatory areas such as Annapurna, Kanchenzonga, Shey-Phoksundo among others can be visited while trekking.

    Terai region is also remarkable place for wildlife touring, supported by the fact that most of the region was once covered with dense forests before human settlements. Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve, Bardia National Park, and Suklaphanta wildlife reserve are major national parks in the area and is home to many mammals, birds, and aquatic animals, and different invertibrates and also different plant-lifes.

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